Multi-modal interaction with virtual reality is a new paradigm with a number of potential applications. It is similar to playing a computer game in a sense that users may feel the interaction forces through a haptic device. Users can observe how objects respond to their actions, in addition to exhibiting natural, physics-based behaviors. Practical applications of this new environment are numerous. They are suitable for many areas from education to manufacturing, from surgical training to tele-robotics. They are also fitting for the different areas of molecular biology and chemistry, or for Computer-Aided Design.



ViTEn is a part of ongoing training developments which sets the standards and basis for development and application of training systems. The current modules offer a simple medical training environment for surgeons through Basic and Advanced Tasks.

All of these modules support commercially available 3D input and haptic devices. All modules have multi-modal mentoring option, where a virtual tutor is guiding the trainee through tasks via graphics, audio and haptic feedbacks.

Our upcoming modules, knotting and un-knotting, cross-cutting, suturing and dissection will take users even further down the path of surgical training. Furthermore, the planned dissection module can be expanded to support a number of additional tasks for veterinary training as well.