Control and Coordination of Multi-Agent Robotics Systems

Welcome to the official web-site of the EU-Canada Academic mobility program in the area of Control and Coordination of Multi-Agent Robotic Systems.

This program is designed to enhanced academic mobility in research and studies between two Canadian Universities and two European Universities. The focus is in the area of modeling, control and interaction with the multi-agent systems such as robotic devices. The areas of application are: tele-manipulation remote control (such as telesurgery), multiple robot deployment for space applications (exploring surface of plants or remote sites), coordination and control of Intelligent Vehicles of the future (intelligent cars), sensor fusion, multiple camera imaging and tracking and networked and intelligent gaming and simulation. Through this mobility, prototypes of small robots are used as a demonstration.

In participating EU University, the robots are configured to play a game of football (soccer) and in participating Canadian universities; the robots are configured to play a game of air-hockey.

The participating student, faculty and staff can also enjoy a wide range of local cultural exchanges and travels during their course of their mobility under this program. The official language of this mobility is English.


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