Cooperative Autonomous Agents

This theme concerns with designing a controller which can coordinate the probing, interaction and manipulation of the environment using autonomous agents. Examples can be the coordinated control of the fingers of dexterous mechanical hand in grasping and further manipulating of objects, multiple mobile robots impacting/pushing an object or coordinated grasping/manipulation of object through a design of reconfigurable gripper and a modular fixture.

Some of the recent publications related to this theme are:

  • Analysis of Enhanced Opportunistic System for Grasping Curved Objects Through Rolling Contact,
    Proceedings of European Center for Peace and Development, Third Conference on Advance Robotics, Intelligent Automation and Active Systems, 1997, pp. 239-244 (co-authored with Andrea Ordean and Shahram Payandeh)

  • Rubber Band Paradigm: A Method for Environment Reconstruction for Global PLanning of a Mobile Robot,
    Proceedings of IEEE 1996 Systems, Man and Cybernetics Conference, pp. 1705-1711 (co-authored with John Harvey and Shahram Payandeh)

  • Virtual Fixtures as an Aid for Teleoperation,
    Proceedings of the 9th Canadian Aeronautic and Space Institute Conference, 1996, (co-authored with Zoran Stanisic, Shahram Payandeh and Eric Jackson)
  • Toward Implementation of Java/VRML Environment for Planning, Training and Tele-Operation of Robotic Systems,
    Proceedings of 3rd World Multiconference on systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 1999, (co-authored with Kaveh Afshari and Shahram Payandeh
  • On Coordination of Robotic Agents Based on Game Theory,
    Proceedings of IEEE CDC Conference, 2002 (co-authored with Qingguo Li and Shahram Payandeh
  • Planning Velocities of Free Sliding Objects for Dynamic Manipulation ,
    To be presented in IEEE ICRA03, (co-authored with Qingguo Li and Shahram Payandeh
  • Multi-agent Cooperative Manipulation with Uncertainty: A Neural Net-Based Game Theoretic Approach ,
    To be presented in IEEE ICRA03, (co-authored with Qingguo Li and Shahram Payandeh Please also see MIcro RObot HOckey Tournament MIROHOT